DxO ViewPoint 3.1.7 x64 Incl. Crack

DxO ViewPoint v3.1.7 is an easy-to-use software, this tool is useful to help you easily correct distorted geometric elements in your photos. You can make some adjustments to return the items in your photo to their original proportions. The Magnifier tool allows you to accurately place anchor points, trapezoidal, and oblique view fields. Can help you restore the natural appearance, landscape, architecture and photos of the city.

Keystone correction tool that lets you fix your photos in seconds! Draw straight lines easily to recreate the right shape, and you can enjoy unmatched results with just one touch. As a stand-alone application and plugin in Photoshop and Lightroom as a plugin, you can correct your photos.

Fix keystoning

Make buildings plumb again
Recreate the original shapes of buildings. Converging vertical and horizontal lines once again become parallel, unnatural-looking façades regain their normal appearance. This feature helps you restore a natural look to your landscape, architectural, and urban photos.

Correct distortions of the people in your images

Restore the natural proportions of your subjects
Restore the natural proportions of the people on the edges of your photos in just one click. DxO ViewPoint automatically corrects stretched-out faces or distorted body shapes that can occur when you shoot with a wide-angle lens (a phenomenon known as “volume anamorphosis”). This exclusive feature from DxO Labs, adapted to your specific equipment, is particularly useful for group or wedding photos.

Beautify your interior photos by restoring the original proportions of the rooms.

Enjoy greater efficiency with visually intuitive tools

Your images corrected in just a few clicks
Trace the lines that you want to correct: the keystoning correction tool lets you fix your photo in seconds! Easily define straight lines so as to reestablish the proper shapes of the most complex forms, and enjoy unparalleled results for your entire photo in just one click.

Use the Loupe tool to precisely place your anchor points: slider settings are accurate at all zoom levels to help you achieve the best possible corrections.

DxO ViewPoint’s explicit tool icons make it easy to identify all the features and functions of the software.

Use DxO ViewPoint as a standalone application and as a plugin

Choose the version that best meets your needs
Enjoy 3-in-1 DxO ViewPoint! You can use DxO ViewPoint as a standalone application AND as a plugin for PhotoShop AND as a plugin for Lightroom at the same time.

Directly apply corrections to your photos using the standalone application. Launch the program, open the photos you want to change, and make your corrections in just a few clicks!

Preserve your work environment and your reflexive work habits while enriching your Adobe® solution. Used as a plugin, DxO ViewPoint integrates seamlessly with Adobe® Photoshop®CS and with Adobe®Photoshop® Lightroom®.

Open an image in your compatible host application and apply your your usual settings. Then launch DxO ViewPoint directly from the Filters menu in Adobe® Photoshop® or from Photo in Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®. Make your corrections and save your changes, and voilà! — your host application now displays your modified image!

DxO ViewPoint is optimized for use with Adobe® Photoshop® CS3, CS4 (32 & 64 bits), CS5 (32 & 64 bits), CS6 (32 & 64 bits) and Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 3 and 4.


Download DxO ViewPoint 3.1.7 With Crack | 75.59 MB
Operating System
  • Windows® Vista (32 & 64 bits)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32 & 64 bits)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8 (32 & 64 bits)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 (32 & 64 bits)

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