Adguard Premium 6.4.1795.4865

Adguard Premium 6 is an application for PC that is used to protect users from malicious websites, blocking all types of advertising that may be on the Internet.

Adguard Premium 6.4.1795.4865 is a great addition to your basic anti-virus protection with effective blocking of malicious resources, fraud, and phishing, as well as parental control over children’s online activities.

Web protection works with all web browsers, effectively blocking Internet threats by updating databases every day using Google’s Safe Browsing resources, the largest Web Trust Lists (WOT), and Malaredared domains.

Main components and functions of Adguard Premium 6:

• Antibanner
• Antiphishing
• Antitracking
• Parental control
• Safe search
• Password protection
• Solutions for social networks and video advertising
• Browser Extensions
• Manual Assistant
• Log, monitoring and statistics
• Localization and regional filters
• 24-hour technical support
• Daily updates to blacklist databases

Adguard Premium 6.4.1795.4865 main features:

  • Protect users from fraudsters, viruses, and tracking on the Internet.
  • Providing maximum comfort when using the Internet by eliminating annoying advertising information.
  • Checking web pages that children visit and blocking unsafe, inappropriate resources and adult sites.
  • Save time / money and traffic, by accelerating the loading of web pages by blocking ads, even before the start of downloading sites.

The work of the Adguard program consists of three main areas:

  • This is a malicious or fraudulent website: Adguard uses its own databases and blacklists, as well as data from partners. The developers work only with the largest companies and update the databases of the program daily using Google Safe Browsing, Web of Trust lists (WOT) and Malwaredomains.
  • This is advertising: Adguard processes the web page before it is actually loaded in your browser, removing all advertising elements from it, which greatly simplifies the work on the Internet, speeds up the loading of websites and saves your nerves.
  • These are insecure, inappropriate resources and adult sites: The Adguard Parental Control module checks web pages that are visited by children and blocks them. Safe search control everything your child is looking for on all popular search engines – Yandex,, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Rambler. Password protection allows you to block attempts to circumvent restrictions.

New in Adguard Premium 6.4.1795.4865:

  • Completely redesigned appearance of the program
  • Added Antitracking module
  • Improved support for filtering applications
  • Improved module Antibanner, directly responsible for blocking ads
  • New filtering magazine and updated filter editor
  • The search has been added not only to the Filter Editor, but also to all sections of the program.
  • Extensions rendered in a separate module.
  • Setting up the program during installation
  • Support for people with disabilities
  • Filtering: improved quality of work and reduced the case of conflict with third-party software
  • Multilingual: many new languages ​​added

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