IP-TV Player + Crack

ipptvjhhjjkIP-TV Player (5.98 MB) is a TV application in the format MPEG2 / MPEG4 transport network provider and then viewed on a computer or special set-top box (SetTop Box). IPTV resembles normal cable TV, just a house, it does not come through coaxial cable, and on the same channel as the internet (ADSL modem or Ethernet).

Features of IP-TV Player (5.98 MB) :

  • Easy and quick deployment of network provider
  • View open (unencrypted) flows http, udp-multicast, etc. (Partial support for TV tuners via WDM-driver)
  • Individual settings for channels
  • Possibility to record stream file
  • OSD (information box at the bottom of the video window) – volume and channel name, recording indicator
  • A list of channels in the video window
  • Management of video from the keyboard (keys, see the Background In the program itself)
  • Support for TV programs in a format JTV (automatic downloading, unpacking, comparison, opportunity -Export to HTML)
  • Scheduler recording / viewing
  • Background record of any number of channels (limited by the subscriber line)
  • We do not provide IP-TV services, but only give you the player to use the service of your – provider
  • The player is not intended for viewing Russian channels from abroad via the Internet
  • Player can not display encrypted (DRM, CAS) channels


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