OpenCanvas 7.0.18 incl. Patch

OpenCanvas allows users to draw a very detailed picture when drawing on a computer using a tablet as if it was hand-painted on paper.

OpenCanvas 7.0.18 is simple, small, and fast, so you can get started quickly, perfect for beginner fans interested in entry-level. What is more interesting for beginners is that the function of the event can record the entire painting process. There are many sources of events on the official openCanvas website, beginners can learn intuitively by playing the masterpiece painting process.

Features of OpenCanvas:

Various Brushes
There are various brush types, such as a pen gives a hard line, a watercolor brush mixes colors, and many more.

Multifunction filter enables to visualize a complicated expression by hand. You can easily apply effects to an illustration by using a filter.

Transform is used not only to scale and rotate but also to skew and distort an illustration freely.

Layer Mode
22 types of Layer Mode let you express an unlimited possibility.

The editable Text Layer enables you to design various texts.

Sharpen Level
The lag caused by Sharpen Level has been improved by algorithmic correction. Smoother and more stabilized brush stroke is available.

Display control tools (move/rotate/scale) are concentrated in one spot, therefore it is more convenient than ever.

Event Function
Event function records the drawing procedure and replays it. You can see the illustration from the beginning to the end as if someone is drawing right at this moment.

Ruler lets you easily draw parallel lines, concentric circle, and concentrated lines. Perspective ruler helps you to draw background scene and buildings.

Compatible to PSD format
openCanvas is compatible to PSD(Photoshop) format.

User Interface
You can customize the interface by positioning or docking pallet windows however you like.

Layer Set
Layer Set is a folder where you can place your multiple layers for more organization.

OpenCanvas Screenshot

Download OpenCanvas 7.0.18 Full Version | 33.11 MB

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